Facts about Australia
Australia is the world’s smallest continent
An interesting fact is that Australia claims to have the highest rate of literacy in the world
Each and every part of Australia is within a distance of 100km from ocean or a beach
The largest organic construction on the planet earth is situated in Australia Known as the Great Barrier Reef.
Did you know that the population of the sheep is more than the entire human population in Australia? As per recent statistics, there are
approximately 150 million sheep, while the human population is round 20 million.
Australian animals such as koala bear, emu, kookaburra and kangaroo are unique to Australia. There are 1,500 species of Australian
spiders. There are 6,000 species of flies and 4,000 species of ants in Australia. There are over 350 species of termites in Australia.
Statistics show Melbourne houses the second largest population of Greeks in the world after Athens.
The naked eye can detect over 5,500 stars in Australian Outback under ideal viewing conditions.
Tasmania has the cleanest air in the world.
Sydney Harbor Bridge is the world’s largest steel arch bridge and the Sydney Tower Center is the tallest building in the southern
Sydney opera House is one of the major tourist attractions and is considered as one of the beautiful buildings of the twentieth century.
  This building was completed in the 1960s and has excellent acoustics. It has around 1,000 rooms and can seat a combined total of over 5,000 people at a time. Did you know that the roof of the Sydney Opera House weighs more than 161,000 tons?